Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quilters Escape in the California Redwoods

Have you every driven your car through a giant redwood tree that is 10,000 years old?
Have you ever seen the sun set over blue mountains framed in a purple fog?
Have you ever created a masterpiece at the foot a winding turquoise river? Well then, you need to get out more.
And have you ever seen Big Foot?

I am teaching in a
historic logging town of Fortuna, way up north by Eureka, California at a wonderful retreat called Quilters Escape . this is big foot country.
This big foot thing is no joke. He really has been spotted here for years.

I'm sorry I digressed.

My classroom is full of light, with a river view that is undescribable. There are rolling green hills and a barn in the distance. Today I could see a herd of golden brown cows up against the rickety fence feeding on fresh grass that made me think it was good to eat. All organic, of course.
Then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a flash of something moving. It was bigger than a cow and standing upright like a man. Just as I was demonstrating how to use Steam a Seam, I gasped and tried to stay calm. That was not a cow on the side of the hill, or was it?
Using my calm voice, I tried to keep my cool. I knew what it was. but i didn't want to alarm the class.
I later borrowed a flashlight from the maintenance man and walked the outside perimeter of the classroom. Just as I had suspected, I found footprints as big as my Omnigrid 24" ruler. Oh my G!

The girls had no idea the next morning as I walked calmly into class, but I was on the lookout all day today for you know who!
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