Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mr. Toucan

Mr.Toucan is the name of this quilt. It really could be Mrs.Toucan but I don't know how to tell the difference. Oh well, whatever it is he's getting stitch today.
This is a new pattern I designed for my upcoming Panama Canal Cruise.
In this blog I am showing the process of creating him from the beginning layers of fabric to the finished quilt top.
 Started with a pale lavender background fabric. The lavender gives depth and perspective it could be a rainy tropical jungle on a foggy day.
I made the leaves using an ice dying technique on the fabric. Which gives them so much color on one leaf. I think it gives the fabric the look of a watercolor painting. I can't wait to see the stitching.
When I get done quilting Mr. Toucan I will show you the detail of that also.
 My drawing is underneath my lavender background fabric. Because it's sheer I can see the lines of my drawing through it. But if you can't see through your background fabric. You could place a Teflon pressing sheet like, Fat Goddess by Misty Fuse size 21 x 27. This is my new favorite pressing sheet plus I like the name also.  Lay this pressing sheet over your drawing or pattern then build your flower or bird right on the pressing sheet. 
 When finished, press all the pieces together. Then peel up your bird and lay it on your background fabric.
I think this quilt will make a great class and will soon be a pattern on my web site.
For all of you that are dealing with snow and ice storms this blog is for you. Hopefully it'll take you away for a few minutes to tropical paradise.
Stay warm!