Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Quilters Affair in Sisters...

 There is nothing like the Stitchin' Post in Sisters, Oregon.

 Beautiful displays throughout the shop.

 Sue Spargo's quilt and her new book on display.

 On Monday night, teachers and staff were wined and dined at Jean and Bob's house.
 This is Jean's studio, which was thrilling to stand in. She has been hand-dyeing some fabulous fabrics. I can see something wonderful coming from this.
 Dining in the backyard with the view of a green field with mommy cows and the new babes. The Sisters mountain range in the background and 2 of my favorite artists hamming it up.  
Lynn Koolish and Laura Wasilowski

 It was a catered affair for the Quilters Affair staff.
What a great time we all had.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Where's your "Hidden Beach?"

Home from a creative week in Sisters, Oregon at the oldest (30+ years) and the biggest outdoor quilt festival in the world. 

The week started with Quilters Affair and 5 days full of classes from 30 teachers from all over the world. Every quilting technique imaginable was represented from the Modern Quilt movement to tradition hand quilting.  Truly something for everyone.

 Below are pictures from my classes.

I taught Hibiscus as a 2 day class,  Bird of Paradise (1 day) and my new pattern, Hidden Beach (2 days), which was a hit.
Look at the beautiful hand-dyed fabrics this student made before she came to class.
This is Tim with his beautiful flower.
 When the class is making a big mess you know they are in the zone.
In the Hidden Beach class I tried something new.   No paint by numbers this time.  It was all improvisational free cutting to make this beachscape. I was a little concerned about changing my teaching style without the students knowing what they were getting into but the students loved it.

This technique gave them more creative freedom and they embraced it. We used a lot of  free cutting with the rotary cutter which is the technique I used for the water in my Monterey and beach quilts.
We started with the beach, water, and sky for the first layer. Then we made the rolling hill and path. Then they did the tree layer.  About half of the class did there own interpretation of there Hidden Beach or lake or river. It was so exciting.
Candi finishing her beach.
This is one of the  hazards of the job: fabric sticking in places you don't want.
Isn't this wonderful?  She brought a picture for inspiration.
 She is now adding her trees.

This student is making cypress trees at her beach.

Here they are. Wonderful interpretation of cypress trees. 

Best part is that the NEW Steam A Seam 2 arrived in time for me to bring to Sisters for these classes. It is new and improved and I think you are going to like it. I haven't sewn through it yet but I will blog about that in a few weeks.
Here she added more rocks and dirt showing on the rolling hill.  Love it!

Now layer 3, the limbs of the trees.

I told them to add a punch of color as you make your trees. All right!
Her Hidden Beach is a beautiful lake in Oregon.
 This was so much fun and I can't wait to teach Hidden Beach again!

This is my class sample.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Great White North (take off, eh?)

We just got home form an amazing trip through the Inside Passage and Glacier Bay in Alaska. It was breathtaking. Now I was working the whole time but it sure didn't feel like it.  This was the best cruise I been on so far - OK, I have only been on 2 but it was really fun. I was teaching for Seminars at Sea.  Kim, Amy, and Linda put on a wonderful cruise. We met old friends and made some new ones. That’s what is so much fun about cruising - you get to really spend time with your students and become friends. 
Leaving Seattle
We traveled from beautiful, sunny Seattle. Yes, I said sunny.  Both days we were there it was gorgeous.  Then off to Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, and Victoria. We toured the Bouchard Gardens in Victoria on our last day.   

The Scottish captain loved to do 360 degree rotations of the ship as we passed the glaciers so every side of the ship had a great view. There is nothing like driving a 40,000 ton ship like it's a race car. He was very smooth, though.

We picked up a ranger from Juneau that gave the whole ship a historical nature lesson as we sailed through Glacier Bay.  I called her the naturist but was reminded by my British friends that may not be the right word. In their country naturists prefer the absence of clothing.  Oh.
Dinner every night with Christine Porter, her husband, Neil, and friend Richard, Laura Wasilowski and husband Steve (missing again - who's watching Steve?)
Every day every there was something spectacular to see and this time I didn't get sick thanks to my Doc and the patch.  It really works great. I did over-patch on day 3 and had a little trouble talking but what’s new?
Sailing through Glacier Bay in June was wonderful and I highly recommend Holland America.

So here are some of my photos.
One of the many glaciers.
Leaving Juneau.

View at breakfast.

Thanks to all my students and the other teachers and, of course, Kim, Amy, and Linda and a big THANK YOU to Steve Wasilowski, Laura’s husband, who kept Joe very entertained - and we only lost them twice.
Joe's new friends.

We are looking for a large eagle on a rock.

Friends from Louisiana.

Floating miniature glaciers.

Oh ,and we did quilts.

And to the lady I offended (it's always someone) in the t-shirt shop in Sitka - Get over it, it was just a joke! I was making fun of myself, not you.  Everyone's a critic.

Next up, in 2014 we are sailing through the Panama Canal.  And Yes Joe, you are going!