Friday, March 27, 2009

Visiting the Old West in La Veta, Colorado

I wake up most days and can’t believe I do this for a living. No, not misspelling words on my blog but being able to create every day. Although the business of creating is an art form in itself, I think its called marketing out in the real world.
I find it almost as challenging and fulfilling as painting with colorful fabrics and threads, but not really.
This month has been filled with new adventures that started off with a trip to beautiful Santa Barbara, Ca. I drove down in one day, did my lecture that night. The next day it was an all day class. The girls made beautiful flowers. After class at 3:30 I drove home. “Why the rush?”, you say. I was flying out the next day to La Veta, Colorado via Denver. I rented a car and again drove 3 hours south of Denver to La Veta, almost to the New Mexico border.
You see so much from the front seat of your car.if you are looking. The mountains where full of snow and the landscapes color palate was so beautiful in shades of blue, taupe, sage with hints of pink and lavender.
Again, I started taking pictures from the car.

I pulled into La Veta about 2:00 pm. The town was more than small. If you blinked you'd drive right past it. It was like driving into the old west. Only my trusty steed was a Nissan. Where were Gary Cooper and John Wayne?
And there it was, the Ricky Tims Studio in the middle of town. I parked the car (Lightning) and followed 2 of the local town folk through the front door of the studio. I had no idea what I was doing.

It was surreal. I went from the old west to The Quilt Show out on the prairie in the blink of an eye.
They were just starting to shoot the next show. The audience was in place, about 50 people and I could see Ricky and Alex through the all the lights, cables and cameramen.
Someone said "Hello, Melinda” and it was Judith Baker Montano. WOW.
They got me a seat in a section called the "Queen's Box". Which I loved.
I looked around and there was Esterita Austin getting ready to shot her segment. Carol Doaks had just finished. And there was Joanie Zeire Poole, award winning heirloom quilter. They where interviewing Jan Krentz via satellite. I couldn’t believe I was there. Somebody pinch me.
If you are not a member of The Quilt Show you need to join. This is just the beginning of exciting things happening on Web TV. Plus you get to see my segment in a few months. So stay tuned - there is more to come.