Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Quilting the Iris

I’ve had a lot of questions about “How to Do” the thread play on my Iris pattern. This cute flower has been featured recently in Keepsake Quilting Catalog and right about now many of you are getting ready to quilt your flower.  I wanted to pass on some tip and tricks to give you some ideas on how to finishing your Iris.

First off, the fusible web Keepsake is using is not Steam -A-Seam 2, so you have to be very careful about how much you iron your pieces as you assemble your flower. Too much ironing will not allow the Heat N Bond to stick to the background fabric. Not good! 

Assembling TIP: Lay your patterns layout guide on a foam core board the same size as the pattern.   18”x 22” will do great.

Lay your parchment paper or a Teflon pressing sheet over the Layout guild and pin to board so they won’t move while building your flower. Lay your pieces for your flower on to this layout but DON’T iron anything in place until you have it all laid out!  Just use straight pins to hold everything in place until you have the flower assembled. The foam core board is now you bulletin board and when you are done you can iron right on this board and on the parchment paper. I show this in the pattern.

This is the technique I use when making my flower when Iv used Heat n Bond. And I have made all the kits that Keepsake has been selling just to make sure it will work for you.

This quilt is by Susana Font-Fontenot from Texas.

Let Quilt
Here is a great quilted example of the front and the back my Iris pattern. 
Below I have also drawn with my iPad pro on some flower pictures to give you an idea of how to curve your stitching lines while quilting.
Its all about making this flower look lace-y with ruffles in her petals. You achieve that by how you curve your thread. Now this is all free motion quilting done on my BERNINA 750EQ. 

 80/12 Top Stitch or Jeans Denim Needle

I’m using Sulky 40 weight Rayon thread on top and in the bobbin.

Please copy and prints the drawings below to look at while you a quilting.

I would be changing my thread all along the way.

If you are still nervous about free motion thread play on your domestic sewing machine.  I have my Reneged Thread Play class on iquilt.com where I walk you through the steps to master painting with thread on flowers. Plus how to fix all the little thing that pop-up while we are work with that beautiful sewing machine.

I want you to be successful, that is why I do this. It’s not for the money, believe me!

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