Friday, November 19, 2010

What's In a Name?

Just yesterday I got, in the mail,  my teaching packet for Houston IQA next year, 2011.  Didn't I just get home 2 weeks ago from Houston?  They need my teaching proposal by December 15th.  I think they just want to mess with me. So the last 2 days I have been writing up proposals and designing a new pattern.  I am supposed to be on vacation. They have asked me to teach the Zinnia again. Wow!  I thought I would also add a new flower to my repertoire.
I have been drawing and studying the Texas bluebonnet, which looks a lot like a California lupine. I guess it depends on where you see them blooming.  I first saw the lupine on the rolling hillside of La Selva Beach, north of Monterey. We lived there for 2 years when Matt was a toddler.  Every day, out my window, was this breathtaking view of the ocean all the way to Monterey and then, in the spring it, was the blue and purple lupine covering the hillside that ran down to the ocean.  Yes, it was heaven.  I would spend hours amazed at the wonder of God's beauty that I was so blessed to see every day.
I have a friend, Janice, who sent me pictures of fields in Texas covered in this beautiful bluebonnet flower. One picture was of her grandchildren sitting in the fields of blue.  I now know why she moved to Texas (plus. you can carry a gun in your purse).  She was going through a messy divorce at the time and I bet she wished she could have had a gun, back when she was living in California.  For those of you who do not know how to take a joke, that was one.  I recently had a neighbor read my blog where I stated, "I wanted a gun for Mothers Day, but no one would give me one".  They thought I was serious, so now when I make a joke, I have to put in a disclaimer:  This blog site may not be fit for sad, depressing people, who can't laugh at themself.

I recently was speaking in Canada and made a comment in my lecture about something funny Joe had said about himself.  He was referring to an old picture I took of him. I always liked the picture but he didn’t.  When I got home from this trip, there was an email from someone in the audience that I had offended.  I didn't say a bad word or make fun of the queen, who isn't really there leader anyway.  I didn't make fun of anyone or a race, gender or belief.  But I did quote what my husband had said about himself.   I did apologize to the person and I felt bad that  I hurt her feelings.  But, after some thought, I felt very sorry for her that she can't laugh at the funny things people say in life.   Now I guess I can't quote the funny, goofy things my family says without offending some people.  I also took it out of my lecture.
But recently, while speaking in southern California, just for fun, and because I like to stir things up, I threw out that same remark and this time, like every time prior to Canada, got a big laugh.  Oh, well.
So I am sorry to all that I have offended in the past, but I am just going to be me.  Just know that my heart is in the right place. I am not here to hurt anyone. I just want to make my art that hopefully makes others happy. Soon, I am afraid; I will run out of thing to blog about.  

Hopefully, no one is offended by a California girl doing a Texas bluebonnet, which really looks like a lupine to me. I have been told there is a difference and I am sure it’s called by another name in Europe. To me, it’s just another beautiful flower that has to be captured.

So, if everything goes as planned, and it never does, I might be teaching this new pattern, Texas bluebonnet, next year in Houston along with the Zinnia and the Hibiscus.  I will keep you posted.  And look for my new pattern; it’s a chic designer purse for your small and discrete hand gun that I will be showcasing at spring market. Relax,  it’s a joke!
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