Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hawaii, Here We Come?

The Hawaiian cruise is getting closer and everyone is getting excited.  Everyone but me.  I thought it would be fun to teach on a 14 day Hawaiian Cruise.  Why not?  They give you a room, all meals included and pay you a whopping $25 per student.   But this doesn't count the 2 months it has taken me to design and write 3 new patterns, hand dye all the fabrics and price out the fabric kits and patterns so they are reasonable.  What was I thinking? 
So you can tell how my week is going.  On top of all that, we had all new windows put in the house the week before I left  for Asilomar to teach.  Then mom and dad made a quick visit where my mom ran out of her meds. Oh, NO!

I had a tire blow out, on 101 in Gilroy, driving to Asilomare.  It was only 103 degrees as I waited for the tow truck.  We can thank our California government for the pot hole the size of New Jersey that wasted my tire.  And I came home to Russians putting new siding on my home. Yes, its still yellow. Ah, the sound of hammers in the morning.  It's like music to my ears.

Right now as I speak Joe is under the kitchen sink, fixing the plumbing that shook loose, we think, when they where bashing out our old windows.

The problem is that Joe and I have never really gone on a fancy vacation. We spend most of our free days off  fixing things.   We don't know what to pack and how are we going to sleep in the same bed for 14 days? I can barely make it 2 hours before I get the jimmy leg and have to move to the other bed  in Matt's room . Don't tell him, it will freak him out.

Joe kept saying this cruise thing might not be a good idea.  Why don't I listen to him more?  I am happy to report that the windows are in and so thick and tight that when you open the slider you here a whoosh.  It's like we are in an air lock.   The air conditioner actually cools the house and turns off..   And, best of all,  I don't  hear my kooky neighbor talking to weird  men in the early morning hours.  Hooray!

So, here are the Hawaiian tropical flowers I have been designing.  They will soon be on the web and look for the Miss Mindy doll, which is in the Shop.

If I can get my webmaster out from under the kitchen sink, we will have them in the Shop tomorrow.
Thanks for letting me vent.  Got to go, Joe is calling for a wrench, or was that a wench?