Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Renegade Thread Play Coloring Class

Renegade Thread Play Coloring Class
The Next Step

There has been some confusion about my Renegade Thread Play class in Houston on November the 2. So let clear up all the mess so you can feel prepared for the class.  This is a techniques class, but we will be making a flower to practice on.
We start with the basics of what Renegade Thread Play is.  Then we will practice a verity of stitches.  Work out all the kinks and hopefully after lunch, we will start our flowers and use the stitches you have just learned.  
The pattern we will use is my sunflower.  However, it does not have to be a sunflower.  Make it in the colors you like.  So bring your favorite flower colors to class.  Here is a value chart to help you with fabric amounts next to each value.  You will also need three greens that you like with your flower.  Fat quarters yards work great.

You will also need a background fabric, cut to 18” x 22”.  A low loaf cotton-batting cut to 30”x 30”.
For the back of your quilt, you will need 1 yard of any fabric you like, to use as a fabric border on your quilt and as the back of your quilt.  A few medium size safety pins to hold your quilt layer together, quilting gloves, 1 spool of Aurfil 50 weight cotton thread in a color that blends with your backing fabric colors.  1 package of Jeans Denim or Top Stitch Needles, Size 80/12, white chalk pencil.

I will bring some fabric kits if your bags are just to full. Any question, please email me. melbula@comcast.net