Monday, January 28, 2013

Gold Coast of Oergon

I was invited to teach for the Azalea Quilters and the Gold Beach Quilters, both on the beautiful west coast of Oregon right past the California border.  If fact, if you blink, you will miss the sign that says Welcome to Oregon.  It only took 7 hours to drive and that’s good because there aren't any real airports very close.

This stretch of highway is called The Redwood Highway and starts around Santa Cruz and runs up to Canada (I think).  But really, it’s the same Hwy 101 where you can sit in traffic in Southern Cal for hours just to go 20 miles. But once you get to about Willits in Northern CA, the trees start to get really big and majestic.   

This highway runs the length of California to Oregon and beyond.  It’s one of the most amazing drives in the world.  If you have never been in the big redwood forest you need to put this trip on your bucket list.  Plus, this is also Big Foot country.  There have been more sighting here than any other spot. Everywhere you look there are signs that he (she?) was there.

I thought you might like to see my drive home and pictures I took along the way.   When the rain stopped and the sun came out,  WOW - what a beautiful day!  Keep your eyes peeled for Sasquatch, it likes it up there, too.

Side Note:
I also meet on this trip a wonderful woman who is a member of the Azalea Quilters. Her name is Diana and she has been using my technique a lot and she is really good. She brought 4 of her quilts to show me what she has made from my designs. It was a thrill and an honor to meet her and see her work. Here is Diana and her beautiful quilts.

Clematis from my book, Cutting Garden Quilts.

Apple Bowl from Cutting Garden Quilts.

Wisteria Lane from Skinny Table Runners and Quilts.

This is my all time favorite, Coneflower from Cutting Garden Quilts.

Diana and me.