Saturday, January 4, 2014

Addicted To Stitching

I think it's obvious by now that I have been addicted to stitching. 
Yes, I'm finally coming out of the closet to let you all know I have this serious problem. I can't seem to sit anywhere for any period of time without something in my hands that involves a needle and thread. Whether I'm in the airport, at a ballgame, watching TV, sitting in a doctor's office, I have to have a project in my hands at all times.

Maybe it has something to do with this longing to create.
I've been like this since I was a small girl whether it was designing Barbie clothes or teaching myself how to knit. I just loved always having a project in my lap.

So I've been working on turning one of my quilts "Bluebonnet and Indian Paintbrush"into a cross stitch project.  I'm using these beautiful DMC stranded cotton floss. I love the color combination. Its bright and cheery.
 Two flowers done, four more to go, plus the dragon fly.
This year in Houston I bought a very nice wooden scroll  frame that you can sit in your lap or you can sit on the table. I like using the table method with my work light over my canvas. 
Which makes the sitching go really fast.  
 I have about seven needles threaded with different color ready to go. I then put something really delicious like Downton Abby on the TV and start stitching like a mad woman.

Once I work out all the bugs in the design.  And there are a few. I will put this up on my website.  I know there's other mad stitchers out there following my blog. So stay tuned.
 I'm also working on turning my Three Zinnia quilt into a cross-stitch design also. 
This is so much fun.