Sunday, August 12, 2012


Australia was fantastic, even in winter. But I have to say, Joe was right, it is just like Southern California only they talk funny. 
Us in front of Berrima Patchwork in the cute historic town of Berrima, NSW.

Thank you to Sue and Tamsin for inviting Joe and I to their 
first of many Quilting In the Highlands.
That's my Rain Drops quilt on the wall that Tamsin won at last years IQA silent auction in Houston.
Wait until you see what I am making for this year's auction.
After our long 16 hours of flying we got right in to the swing of things. Tamsin took us all on a tour of the  cute town of Berrima in New South Wales.  They are known for their notorious prison and the trials that were held there.
 Joe trying to break into the prison  Maybe to get away from all us girls?
 The old court house that we toured. It's haunted, you know!

 This is a quilt that was made by many of the quilters in the area and donated to the
court house in 2006 for the town's centennial.

Carol, Sherry, me, Sue and Joe (teacher's pet).

 Carol Doak and Joe goofing off. Again.

 I still don't know who this is characters is but Joe liked him right way.
Maybe it was the hat? 
Australia has lots of characters so Joe fit right in.

Lots of cute little shops and cafes filled this small quaint town.  Plus, they have a quilt shop.

Every night there was  beautiful sunset.

All the teachers love Bernina.  Lessa Chandler, Carol Doak, Michelle Hill, Sue Dennis, and me. 
Thanks to Bernina for the sewing machines.

 Learned a quicker, better, faster, technique for adding the center to the hibiscus. 

The food was wonderful I think it was the best retreat food I have ever had.

 Joe and his favorite girls, Sherry and Carol Doak. It seemed like all we did was eat.  And yes that little Sherry ate that whole big sandwich.

Display of some of the teacher's quilts. Carlo Doak's quilt on the wall
and Sue Dennis' quilts on the table.

Michelle Hill's beautiful quilt. She taught the William Morris Garden Workshop.  
She has written 2 books on William Morris and his designs.

 My first ever Waratah class. It took me a whole week to be able to properly pronounce Waratah right.

 Showing the Renegade Thread Play.

 Class rooms where great.
 Leesa Chandler showing her applique tricks and techniques.

Sue Dennis and I.  Her work is awesome. 

 Carol and I in a race to see who can sign their books the fastest. I won!
Only because she has way more books than me. Darn.

Teacher book table. Those are all of Carol's books on that table, except for my Cutting Garden Quilts. Which I'm  happy to say is being reprinted!

 Love this color of Hibiscus. Hope i can remember how to dye this colorway again.

 When the green leaves are added magic happened. Greens have a special power to make or break your flower quilt.
By the second day the students fingers where getting sore from all the cutting.
There always is a lot of cutting.  
So happy to see that my hand-dyed fabrics turned out so good.  It was great to see the flowers on very different backgrounds.
Thank you Berrima Patchwork and Quilting.  Check out the information about next years 2013 retreat.
OK, here is a pictures of "The Dress".