Sunday, June 29, 2014

Quilting The Zinnia Pattern

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Libby's Texas Wildflower

I've been in Houston teaching for a week. I love Texas and would probably move there except for I'm a California girl and we don't do sweat.
I'm at the airport last night about 8:30 pm going through my emails and see an email from Alex Anderson who is letting me know that she has posting my latest movie on The Quilt It’s about making my Libby quilt. I think I let out a little scream right there in the restaurant. I went right away to the website and watch my own movie, 3 times. I love making movies especially when you find the right music. I also loved making this quilt for the Libby Lehman auction. Can you bid on your own quilt?

The 1st time I met Libby was when she came to our quilt guild in Folsom, California. She showed us her beautiful quilts and technique and I was blown away on how she could control her sewing machine and make those beautiful thread ribbons. I was so inspired to see this quilt artists who was so passionate about art, fabric and thread. I felt she was a little like me, or let’s say, I was a little like her. “Little” is the operative word. But she encouraged me.
Years later I would be teaching at Quilting in the Desert in Phoenix and she invited me to dinner. I quickly called my husband to inform him I had just been invited to dinner by 2 of the biggest quilters in the world. The 2 being Libby Lehman and Jean Wells. OMG!  I soon found out about her loves of good food.  One of her students had told her about this really cute restaurant. And off we went. Could you just die?

So over a glass of wine and wonderful food I listen to her wonderful, funny stories, which either involved "Mother or Lester".  I laugh so hard. I realized then she is a true one of a kind. I was very entertained by this vibrant, beautiful, storyteller. Libby and Jean were very generous with advice about being a quilt teacher on the road. I’m so grateful.

So when I was asked Clara Lawrence, if I wanted to make a quilt for this auction. Of course!  I already knew what I wanted to do. The quilts are supposed to be inspired by Libby and her style. I can't do Libby, but I can do me and she's is a Texas Wildflower.
But which wildflower? Well, she is definitely not a Bluebonnet, she's not really an Indian Paintbrush, either. But she is a Texas Fire Wheel!  That’s it! 

I hope you enjoy this video. I will let you know the date and time of the auction. But today when you watch this video please pray for Libby and her family they are going through so much. I know God has them in His hands and he is his faithful. But sometimes life just stinks.

 You will want toTurn on your speakers to view this.