Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Wedding!

photo by Justin Mina
Well, we did it. We married off my only child this last week in beautiful San Diego.
And wow, what a wonderful wedding it was. The best thing I did was get the wedding planner. She did a great job.  It really does save you money (and your piece of mind.)

photos by Justin Mina
But the funniest thing that happened started out as the saddest thing and I almost lost it when it happened.  I wrote about finding just the right dress a few blogs back. Well, I though I was set but when we arrived in San Diego I thought I better try that dress on one more time before the wedding, just in case. I have been traveling a lot which means eating out more than I like.  So I squeezed into my super full body armor lovingly called Spanks, followed by the dress.  It felt a little tight at first.  Then I started to sweat.  This can’t be happening. I called to Joe for help in zipping me up.  He can’t get the zipper up.  I feel sweat dripping in my eyes or were those tears?  OMG, the dress is too tight.  I am now experiencing the mother of the groom’s worst nightmare.  My dress doesn’t fit.  I burst into tears.  Joe tries to calm me down.  Do you think it could be just a little water weight?  No, this is just plain fat. Its OK, he says, we will just go and find you another dress.  Mind you, he is exhausted by this point. I had woken him up out of a sound sleep at 4am this morning to drive 8 hours from Sacramento to San Diego so we could miss any LA traffic to the OC. Thank God we did because we arrived in plenty of time to look for a new dress.   We Google the nearest Macys and off we go.  I am still in my Spanks which I can’t take off because I am still sweating like a race horse and you can’t peel spanks off a sweaty body no matter how hard you try. You can only be cut out of them. I need the Jaws of Life by this point.

At the store I grab the first dress I see and run into the dressing room and my husband becomes Mr. Joey, my personal shopper.  He starts throwing dresses at me 2 at a time.  And, by the way, he has great taste.  I think he got that from his uncle Quentin and Aunt Russ.  I quickly model them for his approval.  He was like a mad man and I have never seen him like this. It was awesome now that I think about it.   He didn’t even look at the prices. Then he found it.  A beautiful blue dress that fit.  He said I looked hot but I thought he was just trying to make me stop feeling like a loser.   He then took me to the jewelry department and bought me a new necklace for this dress.  What a guy.

That night for dinner I had a light broth and carrot sticks. Yummy! 
The next morning I felt a little better and a little lighter. Could it be?  Joe was in the shower so I reached in the closet and pulled out the first dress.  I know I must be a masochist.  I didn’t even reach for the super Spanks. And guess what?  It fit.  It was water bloating.  So now I have 2 dresses, but I wore the blue dress because Mr. Joey bought it for me.

When I arrive at the wedding my sister Cindy said Is that a Ralph Lauren dress?  Wow! You look so good.  I said I don’t know what designer it was and tell her the story of the 2 dresses. Today I looked at the label and Mr. Joey had no idea but he just bought me a Ralph Laruen designer dress.  I think I will let him be surprised when the bill comes.  Thank God we only have one kid and 2 dresses.