Sunday, November 14, 2010

Looking for Stuart Little

Joe's on the hunt. "I don't like playing God, but its freaking me out having a mouse in the house" he says as he quotes Dr. Seuss. My man!

Guess what my husband is doing today?  We have an unwanted visitor. Yesterday he set out mouse bait in traps around the outside of the house and this morning he went in with the big guns. The mouse trap with peanut butter. Creamy, not crunchy - it does make a difference, he says.  He admits, "Everything I learned about hunting for mice I picked up from Tom and Jerry cartoons. Do we have any Swiss cheese with the really big holes in it?"  "No", I said, " just peanut butter".
Speaking of Jerry,  I  found out yesterday that my husband told me a wrong name for one of our neighbors.  I have, for the last 6 years, been calling him Jerry when his name, I come to find out, is BOB!  I asked Joe why he did that and he said because he LOOKED like a Jerry.   I had to apologize to Bob.  I hope that Ryan and Amber next door are, in fact, Ryan and Amber.
Now back to the mouse hunt. Joe said that a few nights ago he was reading in the bedroom when he thought he saw something running past him. He thought it may have been a mouse, but was unsure as there was no tiny car involved like in Stuart Little.  We live next to rolling hills and lots of fields so you get, from time to time, mice. The last time we had one in the house was years ago and I woke up to the sound of Joe chasing him with a broom.  Joe was trying to apply a practical comic strip approach to the problem and was disappointed with the result as the broom head broke off and, believe it or not, he was unable to whack the mouse with the broom stick.

That was not a good idea so this morning he is researching how to set the traps and go in after it. Last night as we are trying to sleep, the mouse is chewing through the makeshift wall Joe put over the hole we had to cut to access some plumbing. His chewing was so loud that we had to sleep in another room.  This morning we looked at the chewed hole and Joe said "I think we're going to need a bigger boat" (apologies to any Jaws fans).

Of course, we couldn't find a flash light that worker - we have 6 flashlights and 0 batteries.  So I used the flash on my camera. I thought that was pretty ingenious. and I also got some pictures of the hunt.
So as I am writing this blog and talking to my big game hunter, Joe,  when we hear a SNAP!  I look at him and he says,  "I will look at him later - maybe tomorrow".  That's my hero.
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