Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Messy Room

Today it stopped raining enough to pick some roses and enjoy the spring colors. This pot started out as a fairy garden but now is just a succulents garden in fabulous greens, that looked just perfect on my broken dish table. I know there is a fancy name for broken dish art, but i haven't had enough coffee to remember what that is.
This is my Aunt Mindy's Flower Basket pattern done in all blue's. The border reminds me of the broken dish table. I used Alex Anderson fabric by P&B. Which is the perfect color of blue.
The pattern has 10 embroider blocks. I just did 4 blocks for a mini quilt that hang over my blue denim sofa.
My studio is so messy right now because i am finishing up my quilt to enter into Houston. At the same time working on new designs and packing for my up coming retreat at Quilters Escape. Today I hope to have time to clean it up so I can start another project i have in mind. Its a doll.

Its funny, but my mess (work in progress) on my table, caught my eye. The colors and composition reminded me of the succulent garden on the broken dish table.
You can find beauty every wear, even in a messy studio if you are looking closely.
Don't miss these moments.
O.K. my moment is over, now back to cleaning up this messy room.
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