Friday, July 10, 2020

3 Zinnia: Class #1

Video Class is at the bottom of this blog.

The history of making the 3 Zinnia quilt starts several years ago with me dying fabrics for my upcoming classes at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I had seen past students having trouble with color and values and I thought that if I could make kits, they would all be successful and that is all a good instructor wants -  for their students to be successful.  So I became a dyeing machine. Morning, noon, and night, I was in the dying studio (the garage) working on perfecting my colors.  It was a lot of hard work but it paid off.  Then, fear set in and I panicked - what if these colors suck together. I decided I'd better make some flowers and be sure the colors worked together. 100 of yards of fabric were already dyed, so I spent the remaining days before I left to teach this class making the 3 Zinnia quilt. Thank God it all worked out. That was back in 2005 and I kept it up for a few years but I had to stop dying because I couldn't keep up with the demand and still have a life. Luckily, I found that Hoffman of California has a Watercolor collection that looks just like my hand-dye fabrics.  Okay, maybe better.

Now, everyone wants to make the 3 Zinnia and asks me when will I have a pattern for that? Good news, I already have the pattern for it. It's all the same flower - I just changed their colors and laid them facing different ways on the background fabric. One pattern, 3 colors, and one big 44” x 44” piece of background fabric.

This class is about how to make the 3 Zinnia using one pattern in 3 different colorways. I’m not showing you how to fuse - you can go to  (How I use Steam A Seam 2) or how to quilt - you can go to (Dogwood finishing class #5, Renegade Thread Play or ) for all that. I will be showing  you how to make 3 zinnias at once using one pattern. 

If you have taken this class with me in the past and can find your pattern (and maybe an unfinished flower),  this video will help you complete that project and make even more flowers, if you want. If you need more fabrics in other colorways to turn that single flower into a 3 Zinnia, I have fabric packs on my Etsy shop - look for Just Zinnia Fabric Packs - there are 4 colorways available.

If you want to take the 3 Zinnia class and don’t have the pattern, go to Etsy - the link is up above on the bar.  You can purchase the Zinnia Kit in the color of flower you like, then go to Just Zinnia Fabric Packs and pick 2 more colorways.  Now you will have a custom quilt with your favorite zinnia colors made from beautiful Hoffman batik fabrics, selected for these flowers based on my hand-dyed fabrics. 

Below are the colors I am using in the video - orange, berry and yellow.

Click on the arrow below to start the class.


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