Saturday, June 27, 2020

Zinnias on Parade

What is a Saturday without a new video post from me?  I made a new video called Zinnias on Parade - these are pictures from classes I've taught all over the country and at big shows. I thought you might like to see students' progress in a one day, 6-hour class.  These beauties are in different stages of development and some of the fabrics used for these flowers were made from my hand-dyed fabrics (made in my garage) from back in the day.  Some are the student’s own fabrics, too, and they are all beautiful no matter what fabric they used.  One of my favorite zinnias in the video is the green one made by my friend, Pam Hough.  I hadn't met her until this class and when she walked in with these green fabrics, I squealed with joy.  I think I scared her at first but that's how I roll.

Now here is the reason for this blog. There are a lot of these zinnia flowers out there in the world and some of you have not finished yours.  Don't worry, I'm not going to name names. I would just like to help you finish them since we are still in lock-down.  OK, is it just me that’s still in lock-down?  You never know these days.  Anyways, lets finishes these zinnia quilts. 

Click the arrow to watch the video.

Now here is the surprise. I am making a new video class about how to make a 3 Zinnia Quilt out of one pattern in 3 different colorways.

 I will show you how to free-cut the leaves, what size fabric to use, and how to 
not get confused while making 3 flowers at once.  I have a few tricks for making these flowers quicker and easier than you think.  Plus, we will talk about quilting your flower.  So, check out the video here on this blog to get you excited.  If you subscribe to my YouTube channel you will get a notification each time I post a new how-to video.  Oh, and did I say this is free?

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  1. I'm so excited to have found this via your fb pist. I get to take a class with you and I dont have to travel! Watching from New Zealand where lockdiwn is over. Thank you