Saturday, June 20, 2020

Dogwood Finishing School - Class #5

Well, here's the last class in the Dogwood series.  I've has much fun teaching you this pattern and I hope you are having fun, too, making a beautiful Dogwood quilt.

It's hard to write a post and watch a very smart and active granddaughter but I am trying.
 Pool time!  It's 100 degrees and the air conditioning went out...

First,grandpa has to get her out of the sink...

...then grandpa gave her a cream cheese bagel in the living room.

I will be introducing new patterns and kits in the future but the Dogwood classes will have the most detailed instructions.  You can come back and refer to these as you work on other patterns. I will keep these available to you on YouTube and my blog. You may want to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you will not miss any upcoming classes or tips on future patterns.  I have a lot more to share in the future! 

Click on the arrow above to watch class #5.

This video is not as long as the first four but is very informative - it's 30 minutes and chock full of information.

Renegade Thread Play on the back of the Dogwood quilt.

My wish is for those of you that watched the classes to feel more confident in trying something outside your safety zone.  Remember, you can always fix a mistake or start over. It's only fabric.

So, if you are ready to take the next step, which is working from your own photo, come join me in Pacific Grove (on the beach in central California) next year for the Empty Spools Seminars, February 21-26, 2021.

At Empty Spools, I will walk you through the steps of making a pattern from your own photo, how to enlarge it, and create a palette of fabrics.  I show you how to pull out your creativity and create that next masterpiece.  This is a place where you can truly focus on your project  and I am there to hold your hand if you need it.  I've been teaching there since 2005 and it is so exciting for me to see students arrive somewhat timid with this process and leave with the confidence to succeed.

Thank you and I hope this series has increased your confidence in tackling that next project! 

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