Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Gift of Teaching.

I am on my way to New York to teach for a week at a beautiful retreat, in the Hudson River Valley Art Workshop. I bet it is beautiful in November. There are still some spaces available and I would love to have you there. This is an quilt art workshop which I love to do because I have the time in a retreat to help students to develop there own ideas.
I would never of thought that I would end up teaching and loving it. Its amazing thing to share your ideas with some one and watch how they use it.
My father is a teacher and a teacher teacher. So why wouldn't I think of teaching. Maybe because I had the idea you have to get good grades in school. Which I had a little trouble with because of my dyslexia. I always understood very well what was going on. i just couldn't put it into the written word correctly. I still can't as you have probably notices if you read my blog regularly.
Thank you God for my computer.
So i am getting ready for my up coming retreat and was just asked to teaching on a cruise to Hawaii. I know Hawaii! I can't wait. So this teaching thing is starting to work out.
I have been working on 3 new patterns for this next year and a 2 new book ideas.
Here are some pictures of my students work from Houston. Hope to see you in the future at one of these events.
P.S. Thanks for wanting to take my classes and teaching me so much.
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