Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fried Chicken with Asparagus

Its been a week of hand dying and painting on fabric. i am getting ready for my classes I will teach in Houston.

The pictures are of some of the fun things I have been playing with and the big mess i have also made. Last night for dinner it was fried chicken with asparagus and chartreuse green fabric on the side. I think Joe is getting use to dying while dinning.

Yesterday I received an Emil from a girl in Ireland asking me about why so many artist are working in fabric now.

The funny thing is that woman have always worked in fabric. If you look in the Bible, the Proverbs woman was a creative woman (Prob 31:10-31) wearing purple cloth (my kind of babe) and made cloths and fine coverings to keep her family warm. She was a quilter.

I explained that the principle of color and design are the same in whatever field of art you work in.

As I lecture and teach around the country I tell my students that no matter what kind of quilting you are doing it is all art and should be approached in the same way to create a beautiful quilt. Some people don’t like to hear that in the quilting world, but it’s true. You can’t tell me that a beautiful Baltimore Album quilt is not art.

I am painting a painting when I create my quilts. I even say, I will be up in the studio painting”. I am using my scissors instead of a paint brush and my fabrics and thread are my paints.

I shared with her that I have been working with fabric and sewing my art, since I was a little girl. I studied art in collage and worked at a fabric store at the same time. I would take trash (which was never trash to me) and make my art pieces at school with the things I found in the trash can at the fabric store. I was doing conceptual art at the time. Most of my piece had a sewing theme. I was also making my first traditional quilt at that same time, all by hand.

I have also been playing around this week with paint sticks. They are so much fun and so messy. part of my job.

But as I am dyeing i find other things are catching my creative eye. The string balls I get out of the dyers are full of color. what can i do with them? And the paper towels i use to wipe up my counter. Ahhhh! so full of color.

The art of quilting can take so many forms.

To me the best part of working and creating with fabric as my medium of choice, is that it drapes when it is hangs. It can blow in the wind, can be warped around a child and can wipe away a tear. It can keep you warm and protect you from the sun. It can be shown in a famous museum and hang on the wall in a well appointed dinning room admired by a prestigious crowd. You can't do that with Metal!

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