Friday, September 18, 2009

Start The Bidding Now !

This quilt is called Small Aloha. It was inspired by the sweet years I was able to lived in Hawaii. I am a beach girls and no matter how old I get that will never change. Someday I will go back there to live but for now I have to be content with my memory's and making quilts of the things I love like flowers, beaches and bouquets. I made this quilt for the SAQA auction that started this week. Each artist made a 12"x 12"sq. quilt to be auction off to raise money for the Studio Art Quilts Association. This is the first time I have entered a piece. There are some amazing work up for auction. I never have had the time before. Still don't. But I made time. Its very exciting to be on the same web page with some of my favorite quilt artist. They will start the bidding for my quilt on Sept 24, @ $750. Then each day after that, the price go down from there. You can see an up close picture of my quilt with all its thread work if you go to the web link above and click page 3b. that is where you will find me. I seam to always on the last page or last in line. I guess I am learning how to be patient. So if you would like a Small Aloha from me. Here is your chance. Happy Bidding.
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