Thursday, November 5, 2009

While getting ready for my up coming trip to Greenville New York.
I though I would run by the grocery store to stock up in travel size necessities. It like the toy store in the beauty isle. The whole purpose of buying these small goodies is so your bags will have more room for shoes. But again I over bought these miniature produces. There goes my new purple shoes.
As I was making my way to the check out isle. I walked passed the Halloween candy display and notices Christmas decoration all ready up. Halloween was in 2 days. What's with this!

When I got home I had and email from a shop on the east coast that wanted to do a trunk show of my Candy Cane Lane Book. Heirloom Sewing Center in Queensbury ,NY. OK, maybe its not to early to think about Christmas. I am now a manufacture, an author and Christmas dose effect you differently on this side. This is a lot different than just being a freaked out mom trying to make Christmas happen for your family on pennies and a prayer.
So here are some projects that can help get you in the Christmas spirit, that are easy and fun.
My plan is to make these stocking for the little kids in my family and fill them with goodies. They are made out of wool felt. I fusible them in place and did a straight or button hole stitch around all the shapes. Then I sewed or glued, (i like Glue) buttons, beads, rickrack and used a lot of hot fix crystals for Bling.
I made these 3 stocking for the book, in one day.

Now I have some more Christmas ideas that i will be sharing with you. Some where cut from the book because I had to many ideas.
So stay tune for more Christmas fun.

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