Tuesday, July 12, 2011


 I am getting ready to make my next quilt.   I was inspired again by the Monterey Bay.  The colors,  the sounds, the foggy mist, the flowers, the smells and the history.  I walked for a mile taking this all in. This week in Sisters I started collecting my fabrics.  This is how I start the process.  Art is in the process.
 The reflections
 It's not in the finished piece but every detail of the process. I tell my students to feel.  
So I also prepare to be surrounded by the feelings of that moment.  That "ah ha!" moment when you are moved to create.
Flowers I found in a secret garden.

Dinghies all lined up

Beach jewels.
 As I walked the beach I would see treasures under my feet. These sandy jewels feel so cool in my hand. 
Hair cuts of the 1709-1800's 
 Inspiration can come with the rich history of the region; in the Spaniards funny hair cuts. What where they thinking?
 I love the way the sailors dock their sail boats.  The tide changes their direction through out the day.
Nothing but Trouble!

   In Monterey there are secret gardens around every fenced gate. All are open to the public and filled with local  plants and flowers.
Wherever you look, there is inspirations to be found. Take it all in and then create.
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