Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Christmas in June?

Last week I was at the Citrus Belt Quilt Guild in Redlands and The Night Owl quilt Guild in Ontario. These towns are full of the historic charm of old California. It just has that old Hollywood feel that I love. I guess I watch to many old movies.
The Citrus Belt girls took me to lunch after my lecture on Friday, to old town Redlands. It was very quaint. And wouldn't you know that right in the middle of this beautiful historic town known for its old fruit box labels. Was the best Brighton store I have ever experienced. it is called Mozart's. Of course I had to go in. The building was divine and the sparkles and beautiful colors where calling to me. Of course my students didn't try and stop me as walked through the door. In fact I think I felt a push from Jeta, one of the girls. Thanks a lot! They carry a line of one of a kind purse covered in silk, ribbons, flowers and beads. They took my breath away. These are true works of art. The shop was also filled with floral bouquet. And you know how I love bouquet. Then I heard a crash. My new Brighton purse just knocked over a display. My hands where too full of goodies. It felt like Christmas.
When I got home there was a big box waiting for me, from my publisher Martingale/Patchwork Place. It was full of all my quilt samples and projects for my up coming book called Candy Cane Lane. It should be out in August.
This morning as I walked down the stairs and viewed my living room. It really did looked like Christmas had arrived in June. This is way to early for me. I just took down the garland over my mirror in March. Well, really Joe took it down because I was out of town. He has a thing about, all decoration need to come down the day after Christmas. But I like to saver the mood for awhile at least until January 2.

I had so much fun thinking of all the project I could do to go with this quilt. In fact, the publisher said I had to many ideas and cut some great stuff from the book. (the more pages the more the book cost.) So I will be offering some cool companion patterns for this quilt book in in the future.
So I guess it's not to early for Christmas. Christmas can be at any time and any where. It really is a state of mind. So Merry Christmas to you in June!
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