Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers of Mine!

I wonder, as Father's Day passes us by, why there were not any shows honoring Father's Day? Mother's Day is a big business and the advertisers and media milk the day, weeks and months in advance. But what has happened to the Fathers? As my brilliant husband is watching the stupid Simpsons show as I write this piece, I wonder how different life would be if we spent a little more time reflecting on the fathers in our lives that really are Fathers Day worthy. Some of these men worked overtime so their family could live in a safe neighborhood. Some worked 2 and 3 jobs so his little girl could have that pretty dress to wear at Easter and later it became a fancy prom dress. Some sacrificed their own desires to keep the family together. Some worked so hard in terrible jobs day after day so their wife could stay home with there child. When they walked through the door after a hard day at work, they would drop everything to spend a little time playing with their children. I know not every person has a wonderful man in there life that they can called father and my heart grieves for them. I was blessed, and I give thanks to the 2 men in my life that stayed when they could have left and persevered above and beyond. I proudly give you the title of Father of the Year! Dads of a Life Time. To you two, HAPPY FATHERS DAY !!!!
Now I have to try and move one of those men away from his riveting cartoon show.
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