Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Trip to Ashland, Oregon

Just got back form Ashland, Oregon. What a beautiful and artistic place. I was teaching a 2 day class at Quiltz. My hostess, Karen, informed me that they where going garage saleing in the morning and would I like to come along before class?
I knew then that I was staying at the right house. I love old, cheap junk. (How do you think I met my husband?) So off we went before class started, to hunt out treasures. Karen drove while Jane navigated and Denise, Marnie and I kept each other warm in the back seat.
Soon I found that Marnie, Karen's 18 year old daughter, had quite a knack for negotiating.
Nothing over $ 2.00. I found her giving me a look like I had be taken when I purchased a silver cake plate for $20. I must look like a city girl. By the time we got back to Karen's house I had filled up the back of her car with junk, I mean treasures galore. Thank God I didn't fly and I have an SUV. I can't wait to go back. The class was full of creative women that were fun to be with. Karen has invited me to be in a fabric challenge that her art group is doing. It's a chocolate challenge. You have to use a named candy as your inspiration and a certain fabric that they have picked out. My candy is Good and Plenty. Loved them as a kid. Joe brought home 2 boxes for inspiration. I think we ate one whole box just to get our juices flowing. More on the challenge is the months to come.

I had a great time and met some new friends.
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