Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good Day Sacramento

I'm up at 5:00 am on the day of my first gallery opening. I have to meet the models down at the gallery. Good Day Sacramento Chanel 31 is doing a live interview of the new gallery and my show. It should be riveting T.V. I get the models in there outfits and we wait for the camera crew to arrive. In walks this very young reporter who has know idea what this is all about. Her hair is all messy and I think she is wearing tennis shoes. Cindy, the gallery director show her the power room and comments on, how nice it is that she dressed up for the occasion. Back she comes and for the first "tease" of many they do in between the commercial breaks. The reporter really is quite good. By 7 :45 we are going live, and by 7:47 its all over. They didn't even show the outfit I wanted to highlight. The Grapevine Coat modeled by my beautiful friend Sue Burkland.
I call my husband to see if he has watched the show. He groaned that he had to sit through the whole torturous show watching the shows hosts, eat a bug and make a cake out of diaper.
Now that is true love. Well, so much for my TV career. I have included some pictures of the beautiful models and a link to Chanel 31 for the interview they did later that night on the evening news. Good Day Sac didn't think the interview was worthy enough to put up on there web site as a highlight and I agree. But you can watch the host eat of the bug if you want. - New Artwork Allows You To Wear Your Investment
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