Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Gallery Show Set Up

Today was the final setup for my art show. It is so exciting.

I stood in the gallery today all by myself and felt a wave of emotion come over me. It’s hard to think that this same girl that has struggled all her life to read, keep up in school and find where she fit in this world, is writing a book and having an art show.

I once had a school counselor in high school tell me that the best I could do was to be a box girl down at Safeway. Not real good for the old self esteem. But I knew in my heart that he was wrong and that God had made me for some reason so I set out to find what that was. I always knew I was an artist. Even at 6 years old. So here I am. What an amazing ride. Don't ever be afraid of trying because even your failures will become stepping stones to your success.

So here I am today having an art show with another artist that is truly fabulous. You have to check out Kristine Buchanan's web site Her watercolors of flowers are so detailed and full of color. She also is a very creative jewelry designer and has 3 books out on her Micro Macrame jewelry. It’s not your mother's macrame.

Opening night is Friday but early Friday morning Good Morning Sacramento is coming out to the gallery to see what it's all about. We have to be there at 6:00 a.m. That’s way too early to look good on TV.

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