Friday, February 18, 2011

Presidents Day Sale

Macy’s is having a Presidents Day Sale and so am I.  I have reduced the price on 3 of my first Fusible Flower quilts: Clematis, Yellow Daisy and Oriental Poppy.  They are looking for nice homes.

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New price is $800.
21” x 32”
This is the second Fusible Flower quilt I made. Purple is my favorite color so when I saw this picture in a flower catalog I knew I had to try and recreate it.  How could I make these flowers look dimensional with just fabric and maybe some thread?  That was my challenge.  I had never seen a Fusible Flower quilt before but wondered What if I treated it just like I was painting, only using fabric and thread?  These flowers are bright and crisp in the morning light.  I wanted to capture the sunlight hitting the center of the flowers just right.

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Yellow Daisies
New price is $500
18” x 24”
This quilt was inspired by a picture in a flower magazine.  Right away I knew I did not have enough yellow fabrics to make it work.  I used about 12 different values of yellow fabric to give the flowers their depth.  This was my third quilt using the Fusible Flower technique.  Each time I made one I would learn something new.

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Oriental Poppy
17" x 24"
New price is $900.
I knew this quilt would be a challenge and it was.  I almost gave up many times but I'm so glad I didn't.  I learned so much from making this quilt.  This quilt is painted with fabric and thread to create this beautiful poppy quilt inspired by a flower catalog. This was quite a challenge trying to making the paper-like petals bend and fold, all in fabric.  I highlighted the quilt with lots of thread play, which adds more shading and detail.  Back then I thought it was a lot of thread and they would surely kick me out of the quilting world for all that thread.  Who knew? 
The final step is some carefully placed glass beads that I added by hand.  This was the first time I entered my Fusible Flower art work in a show and it won Honorable Mention at the Marin Quilt and Needle Art Show in 2003.

These first quilts are very special to me.  Each one has taught me a valuable lesson and pushed my creativity.  It took me years before I would show the quilt world my flowers.  Then I saw the work of Katie PM and Velda Newman and thought there might be a chance someone would like what I do, also.

If you are interested in any of these art quilts, let me know.  I take PayPal, Visa or Master Card or good old green cash.  You can contact me at

My closets are getting too full and Joe won't enlarge my studio space, so some of my babies have to go, so more can follow.

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