Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Looking for Mr. Right

I have been looking and looking for the perfect free-motion sewing machine. Does it exist?  I don't think so.  I want something the sews really straight and I can control the speed.  It has to handle sewing through many thicknesses of fusible fabric while using delicate rayon thread.   It needs to have a big enough arm so that large quilts can easily get under the machine.  And maybe it should come in pink.  If i am going to dream it might as well have a color. Why not? 

But the biggest thing is I don't want to sell my house to buy it.  Where is that machine?  I don't want a stitch regulator or fancy stitches.  I don't need it to sing to me when it turns on, or have a drink holder for my coffee.  I don't need it to store pictures of my family that pop up when I am trying to sew.   I just want it to do the job of sewing.  Even Wilma had a sewing machine that worked.

Where are you Mr. Right????  I dream, fantasize and pray for you.  I  even have been searching (dare I say?) the Internet for you.
When Hello Kitty went bad.
But alas!  You may only be a vision in my dreams. Maybe you haven't been invented yet.  So I will wait. 
In the mean time, does any one what to buy a Bernia 200 upgraded to a 730 that tap dances?
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