Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Pony Express!

Shipping and packing, shipping and packing.  That is all I seem to do these days.  I can't seem to get it right either.  How hard can this be?  Last month I sent my class supply to San Diego and they ended up in  Illinois. That was UPS's  fault.  They said, they would be there on Wednesday and they where right on that it.
They just delivered it to another freaking state!!!   
Now I have a FedEx account. This should be great. Yesterday they where to pick 4 boxes at my house.  How sweet is that?  But they never came!  So I called to find out, that I had shipped the boxes to myself!   What !! I give up.  If i'm not dealing with the airlines and over weight suits case issue.  It's that I missed the cheaper shipping price by just by one day.  Story of my life.
All I want to do is create.  But making money is getting in the way of creating.  
No wonder Van Gogh cut off his ear.
So the car is full of boxes and I am leaving for my UPS store. What was going to cost me $60 by ground, is now $200.  It is just not my day or week for that matter.  So when I get home from running the Pony Express, riding my faithful steed, Tahoe. (he has seat warmers).  I will try to make it to the studio and complete my new patterns. Or maybe, I will make a new quilt and called it, 
" More Prozac Please"!
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