Sunday, January 3, 2010

Miss Mindy!

OK, this is going to be so much fun, I think. I have been working on a surprise pattern and it's not a flower, can you believe that? You get 3 guesses. It can fit in a bread box, has big eyes and loves shoes that go with her outfits. No, its not me or Barbie. But you know, I have a thing for the big "B".

It all started when I was a little girl and my mother made my sister and I dolls for Christmas. She would stay up late every night sewing and we were not allowed in her sewing room, which, back then, was a folding table in my parent's bedroom. Can you relate? We knew something big was up and were so happy and surprised when we received this beautiful hand made (with love) doll. I still have mine, although she does look like she was overloved, which is what my family does best; over love you -- to death. Such a problem.

So I made a pattern from that original doll and tweaked her a little bit to make her modern. She is so cute and really fun to make. She also comes with quite an attitude. I have made 3 of them so far.
One doll was made for someone very special. She is a little girl I met about a year ago, when she was 5. Cute as a button, bounces when she walks and is very funny. She and her family have been going through some very hard times. I wanted her to have a doll that looked like her and she could love while she is going through what she is facing. I gave her the doll at Christmas. Her family looked a little suspicious of me but I knew she and I were friends and she knew it, too. She gave me a big hug and I pray for her and her family every day. So this doll has started out as something special, to make and to give away, which quilters have been notorious for doing. So have fun in the new year with my new doll. Her name can be anything you want her to be but I call her Miss Mindy because that is what my mom called me, especially when I was in trouble.
This is just a preview and soon I will have her on my web site as a block of the month, only it will be an outfit and quilt or craft project for each month. Sounds like fun and if your heart is breaking for someone special, you may want to give her away, which is always a "good thing".
Remember, "When you have been given much, much is expected."

Meet Miss Mindy - she may have a sister or 2 in the future.
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