Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Starting A New Project.........

I am starting a new quilt in honor of my son, the soon to be Marine. I have been going through pictures on the web studying what a Marine is, and stands for, to get design inspiration for the quilt. Getting some background will help. Plus, I wanted to use my new hand dyes. I had no idea how awesome the Marines are. I have been avoiding the subject because i was afraid I would lose it.
I first had to get over the shock of my only child wanting to give his life for our country (and all the assholes that are running it). Sorry, did I say that?
But I am so proud of theses Marines.
When I was 10 or 12 the Viet Nam war was going strong. I knew nothing of war or politics, only what I heard on TV. If it wasn't about Barbie, the Flintstones or the Beatles, I had no idea.
I thought all Marines were jar heads and I still don't know why. We lived close to the El Toro Marine base. It's closed now. My Uncle Donny was a Drill Sargent at Camp Pendelton after his time in Nam. I had no idea as a kid what my uncle did. I just knew he was a jar head and that wasn't as cool as the Flintstones. I was a deep and thoughtful kid.
I have a whole new respect for Uncle Don. I think of him a lot now that my son will soon be a jar head. Its funny how life turns. Let's just say God is Good!

Today, I have trouble watching the news because its either all fluff or all lies. Have you noticed that they never talk about what is really going on in the middle east in any detail? It's like it doesn't exist any more. Denial is a wonderful thing! America has a lot of it right now.
I want it all over more than anyone. August 21st would be great!
OK, if you have made it this far in my rambling, bless you.
Here is my baby. You put your son or daughter here in the pictures.
Take the time and read up on the History of the Unites States Marines and voice your opinion! That is what they are fighting for: freedom. It will make you so proud to be American.
And thank you, Uncle Donny for what you did for our country. OohRah!
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