Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Sweetest Things in Life

The sweetest things in life are sometimes the simplest of times. Like coming home after a long 2 weeks away. It was like I couldn't drive fast enough to get back to my beautiful home, husband and of course "the dog". Every time I arrive back after a trip, I fall more in love with this funny yellow house. Yes, there where some hard times keeping this old house. But I think all the fighting and controversy we went through to keep it yellow has made our love greater. It is truly a magical place, where love, creative and safety abide. I have always known this house was a gift from God!
This is not a perfect house by any means. The neighborhood could be better. The house across the street is abandoned with weeds to my knees, no, make that my shoulders. We call it, @4200 sq feet, The Hotel .

The siding on this yellow girl is falling off and the roof leaks when it rains. In the winter we can't seem to keep the house warm enough although all summer it's good and toasty. The stairs creak and it all needs a good painting. But don't we all. But I am now home and it feels so good.I painted a saying on the walls of my kitchen when we first moved in 11 years ago. It's an old Shaker song that Matt came home singing (off key, of course) when he was in kindergarten.

'Tis a gift to be simple,
'tis a gift to be free,
'tis a gift to come down to where you ought to be,
and when you find yourself in the place just right,

you'll be in the Valley of Love and Delight!"

I will never paint over that verse, it is what my home is to me.
I hope your home is that to you, also.
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