Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Keys to Successful Renegade Thread Play

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The Keys to successful Renegade Thread Play are to have a few of the right tools and follow your cut fused piece on each petal. All the work you did of cutting out those little strips and wedges or vines in the petals are your hit lines for how to curve your thread when quilting.  

1.    Do not go fast. Medium fast is great.

2.    Having something on you hand is a must for better control. Aka, Gloves. It really makes for better stitches.

3.    Having the right needle for the job.  What is the Job? Trying to quilt through thick fusible web while making beautiful line drawings with thread and coloring at the same time. 
You need a big hole in the eye of the needle and a needle that is designed to go through thick fabric like fusible.  Topstitch needle size 80/12 or 90/14, or a Jeans Denim needle size 80/12 or 90/14. I start out with the 80/12, but if you have skipped stitches try the 90/14. 

4.    Heat is your friend when sewing through Steam-A-Seam 2.   Warm up the area that you are about to quilt with your hot DRY iron. Steam will make your quilt wet. You can't quilt through a wet quilt. The heat melts and softens the fusible web. This makes its easy to sew through. This only works with Steam A Seam 2.   That is why I use it. You can iron it over and over. Not all fusible can take over ironing.

5.    Lower your top thread tension. I wish I could give you a magical number, but every sewing machine has its own number, and that number can change from day to day. Depending on how moody your machine is. The manufactures number for regular domestic sewing is around 4, 5. But when doing free motion quilting you are pulling and tugging on the fabric under the needle which means you need the tension to be looser than normal.  You need to have the tension at a lower number like 3, 2, or 1.  I move the number down a little at a time, always looking at the front and back of my stitches, to see if I have equal tension on both sides.

6.    I am using Rayon thread to do Renegade Thread Play. I love this thread because of it shine and comes in vibrant colors.  Rayon is very delicate and can break or fray very easily if you do not know how to handle it. I coat every spool of rayon thread before I thread my machine and after I wind my bobbin with Sewers Aid. Its a lubricate that keeps the thread from being nicked or frayed while moving through the sewing machine and needle.  I squeeze 3 to 4 lines of sewers aid a crossed the spool, length wise and squish it in.

The short video below will show you how I use Sewers Aid to helps with sticky build up on my needle.

To watch VIDEO - Click in the middle to play.
More videos are on my YouTube Channel-Melinda Bula Designs

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