Saturday, May 23, 2020

Dogwood Class #3 "Finishing Your Petals and Leaves"

Welcome back, the link to the third class in the Dogwood series is below.  There's a lot of information I need to cover in this video. I love my flower - I just got it done last Thursday and I cannot wait to get the thread play going.  This video, at 90 minutes, is longer than the first two.  I did not want to split it into shorter classes because so many of you are ready to get started. You can stop the video, work on your flower, then start it up again. 

I do want you to watch the whole video because there are some fixes and corrections I make along the way and I want you to know how to do them. Below is a link to a page that you can print out - it lists some of the oopsies I cover in the video - you may want to print it out before you begin or watch how I make the fixes, then print it out.  That is the fun part about taking a class - you get all the ins and outs plus tips and tricks. 

Above is where we are before this class - after this class you will have something like the pictures below.

This is the Dogwood up on  my studio wall.

For the seeds, I cut out at least 98 little circles. Relax, I'll show you a trick for cutting 4 at once.

The colors of the leaves just make the flowers pop.

I cant wait to get the Renegade Thread Play going.

This is a long holiday weekend and we are having  a pool party with our granddaughter and the forecast is for triple digits by Monday(!).  I will be posting the  Renegade Thread Play video in 2 weeks (from air-conditioned comfort), so stay tuned!

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