Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Love To Paint

 Painting on fabric has been a fun distraction over the holidays. It’s much quicker than cutting little pieces of fabric to do the same thing.  And it’s so much easier to quilt.  The thought has been, why don’t I choose to do this form of art quilting?  
I don't really  know?   I like both processes. The mixing of the paint to get just the right color is so thrilling and  wonderful. Plus, I love the smell of paint in the studio. It's a little sweeter than burnt fusible web.

Then there is the process. The process of pushing one's self to something more challenging.  Trying something new and harder. I love mastering something hard and difficult that I have never tried before.  Can I make this work, is the statement that is always running through my head.  Like right now I am trying to teach myself how to knit dominoes. Not going so good at the moment.

Every artist has there own motivating factor. The thing that sparks them to create.  It could be having to capture a moment in time or work through feelings like love, grief or worries.  Mine is all of the above.  But the strongest factor is: Can I?!  Can I do with fabric and scissors what I can do with a paint and brush?

So here is what I finished over the last week. It was fun to paint again.  But when it was all done there was kind of a let down.  Don’t know why yet.  This came out very easy and natural.

So back to my fabric and my scissors I go?  Not sure.  But I do have a new understanding of the medium of paint on fabric and the potential of what the future might bring. 
One thing I do know, never say never! 
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