Monday, January 24, 2011

It's Out!

Drop everything and run to the nearest book store to get the February/March issue of Quilter's Home magazine. Buy every issue you can. OK, maybe just my mom and I will do that.  It's finally here, a month earlier than we thought it would be.  It turned out so cute.  There is a wonderful 5 page spread on our house in this issue. They even put in the story of our yellow house controversy that caused quite a stir in 2002. You can't see any of the dust or cobwebs or the glue gun I used to hold most things together for the shoot. There is even a picture of Joe and I sitting with our feet in the pool, which makes me long for summer. It was really hot the day we shot this.

Laundry Room
This is my laundry room that I wallpapered with botanical prints I cut out of an old book and glued right on the old wallpaper.  I keep the collection of flower pots above the counter and sink area. The yellow iris is a new quilt. Behind the drapes is Joe's beer making supplies - he and Matt occasionally turn my kitchen into a mad scientist's laboratory.
This is our breakfast nook which is mostly used for folding towels and laundry. On the back wall at the top is a quilt of strawberries in a bowl and below that is one on my paintings of fruit on a table with a blue tea pot. Hanging over the table is my Yellow Daisy quilt.
Master Bedroom

I love our master bedroom in soft colors of blues and peach. There is a wonderful view from the deck off this room.  I fell in love with this house because of the view.  Over the chair is draped a Lone Start quilt I made out of Amy Butler's first line of fabric. You can't see it, but every intersection in the quilt has a hot fix crystal on it.  It's really sparkly.  The flower quilt on the wall is a camellia.


We sit out there and watch the sunset.
This is my living room office.
I have  a small office space in the corner of my living room. Its where I design patterns and do all my computer work. The small framed quilt block above my head is from my Baltimore album quilt. I needed some art work for the space so I just framed the block. Someday, I might just finish that quilt. Or not!

All the photos where taken by the famous quilt photographer to the stars, Gregory Case. There is a really cute article about him and his partner, Elena, in the magazine also. It's about couples in quilting.

Thank you Quilter's Home for a wonderful experience.
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