Tuesday, February 2, 2010

World of Warcraft?

I am not really happy right now. The day has started out with finding out someone has been using my credit card number to play over $1,000 of video games in the last 3 days. From searching the web we came to find out that this is a common rip-off. Then you start to think, where have I been and who did I encounter that looked me in the face and said I want to rip her off? Was it in a quilting shop or one of the restaurants or hotels I was staying in over the last week? The problem is that this is the 3rd time since I started teaching that I have become a target of thieves. You would think that being a quilter is a safe and sweet, even grandmotherly pursuit. The crooks know their audience and they are out looking for a victim. So this is why I am spending time writing about this. I want you, my blogger friends, to get a heads-up and not trust anyone, grandmotherly or not.

Last year it was a girl asking me for private lesson that her wealthy father was interested in. Then last month, some guy supposedly from Australia wanting to purchase 30 of all my patterns, about a $3,000 order. Thank God my husband is smart.

And today, this rip-off. The internet is a wonderful invention but there are crooks around every corner, in most political offices and even living across the street. How does one grow up to become a thief? Having no regard for others or their own family and even their own children?

May God help us.
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